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If you have any type of single, tandem or triple axle trailer, a Sunshine Service Brake & Alignment technician can align it for you. When you drive over bumps or the occasional curb, your trailer axle can bend slightly. The trailer’s shocks and springs cannot always absorb all of the stress. When that alignment issue becomes a problem, your choices are to live with excessive tire wear, have the axle(s) replaced, or have our highly trained and experienced mechanics straighten your axles.

Triple Axle Trailer Alignment

At Sunshine Service Brake & Alignment we have a pit that is designed specifically for axle and front end work. To accomplish a trailer axle alignment, we put wheel alignment heads on each wheel, and get readings from our Hunter Alignment machine. We can print these readings and show you which wheel is out of alignment, and what we can do to correct the problem.

This video explains how we correct alignment angles(camber and toe), which can be the reason for a wheel’s excessive tire wear. During the process we make small adjustments that allow for the average road crown so that each wheel and tire can track as straight as possible. This can help keep more cash in your pocket through better fuel consumption. Give us a call today and and we will help set your vehicle straight.

Sunshine Service Brake & Alignment is conveniently located on 850 S. Rock in Sparks, across from Baldini’s. Just off I-80. Call now for prompt service: (775) 358-5486.


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